SSH Keys

Git commits and tags that I author are signed with my SSH key. Run the following commands to configure an allowed_signers file for git, which will allow signature verification using my key (but use my actual email address instead of the template below):

$ git config --global gpg.ssh.allowedSignersFile ~/.ssh/allowed_signers
$ echo '<my first name>@<this website> namespaces="git" AAAAGnNrLXNzaC1lZDI1NTE5QG9wZW5zc2guY29tAAAAIM+cQMPx+qb5WpjahPdHbPSr4KudnKPQzaRLaFKhoSueAAAABHNzaDo=' >> ~/.ssh/allowed_signers

For the cautious, this key can also be found on my Codeberg account. Once configured, commands like git verify-commit HEAD should print something like the following:

Good "git" signature for <my email> with ED25519-SK key SHA256:nITlaX2La96rr7OZ4dw0DABwmPj0lVu7vPIZtFSRCnE