GPG Keys

My current GPG key has fingerprint 9D87B44ADE6F8E1CB36DBBDCE5F65C1ECB77E38B. This key is served using Web Key Directory from, so you can run the following command to automatically download and import it (but using my actual email address instead of the template below).

gpg --locate-keys <my first name>@<this website>

(For the cautious, this key can also be found on my Codeberg account.)

To indicate that you trust this key when performing GPG operations, run1

gpg --trusted-key 9D87B44ADE6F8E1CB36DBBDCE5F65C1ECB77E38B --check-trustdb

This key and all its subkeys will expire on 2023-07-01. At some point before then they will be retired and replaced with a new key.

1GPG enthusiasts may disagree with this command, since it sets my key as being ultimately trusted, which in the PGP Web of Trust is reserved for keys you create yourself. However, the Web of Trust has been dead for years, and this is the easiest way to silence a plethora of otherwise confusing GPG warnings.